Wood burning & paint Artistry

Pyrography is the art of burning wood with a 700+ degree pen. I just add a little pop of color between the lines I burn.

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You made it to the right place!! I believe every single bride needs a timeless way to relive their wedding day. If you want a personalized, wood burned (and painted) piece of art to replicate that beautiful bouquet, I have a treat for you!

Art Collectors

I see you over there! You've perused all the art galleries  (or Hobby Lobby) and nothing jumps out at you. That wall has been naked long enough! Ha! I think I might have something for ya'!


Welcome and get ready to take your art to the next level! I have dedicated a few years to learning the tricks and want nothing more than to teach you what I know. Freebies? Check. Wood burning courses? Soon!