3 Months with Addilyn

              Someone told me that it was a turning point at three months, and she was right! I can't believe how Addilyn's personality has come out. I know exactly what she wants and that usually is to stay with me or in someone's arms. She no longer likes to stay in one spot too long and doesn't like facing your chest unless she is sleeping. Her curiosity is through the roof! We have started buying the classic toys like the gradual donut stacker and the blocks that fit into different shaped holes. She loves reading books and loves having someone talk to her. Her cry is adorable because she little lip curls up with that cry. She is getting better at being put down for a minute, but it doesn't last long. Ha! My thoughts are that she is only little once and I have this blessing of being able to hold her any time I want. I think she is on the edge of laughter, and that will bring even more joy than I think possible. 

             It is interesting to see how God makes you change everything about who you are, when you become a parent. Anyone who knows me also knows that I hate being late to anything. When Jordan and I were first married, there would be Sundays where we would be 30 minutes late and I would cry in the parking lot enough to exchange Sunday School for Dunkin Donuts. In my family, you showed up to dinner at the exact time at my Memaw's or there was a chance the rolls would be cold. To this day, my family wants to know an exact time we are coming over. I would be lying if I said that Jordan loved my punctuality.

             If I'm honest, God was working on adapting before Addilyn. Jordan emphasized the importance of showing up versus what time we got there. If anything, he has showed me that quality is of higher value than quantity. There isn't a reward for being punctual and most appreciate whatever time we show up. Being in his family made me relax more about when we showed up and simply love the time we had together. I still pushed back, because it was against my nature, but God was working on me.

           Then, I became a mama. The first time I tried to go out for a church meeting without Jordan, I got everything together. Diaper bag packed? Check. Showered? Check. Addilyn bathed? Check. Carrier? Check. Extra bottle? Check.  Before we had to go, I lift her up and she spits up in my hair. I had  to adapt. Before Addilyn, Jordan and I could get up and go to breakfast, but now we have to plan around her feeding. Church was a breeze, but now it requires more preparation. It comes down to adapting to Addilyn's needs and having a voice for her.

             Going to see family is a joy and can be complicated. Maybe there is an assumption that traveling would be easy, but then I pack the diapers, clothes, pump, bottles, burp cloths, car seat, shampoo, soap and toys. We hadn't even packed ourselves yet. Ha! With every adaption, I love seeing God mold me. He gives me a smile with everything I have had to change because He chose us to raise our precious one. 

          We are thankful for the lack of sleep because we know she is growing with every 3:00 a.m. feeding. We are thankful for all the "stuff" we have to pack, because others gave it to us from their joy overflowing. We are thankful for her cries, because at least we know she wants and needs us. Honestly, everything that would seem inconvenient about being a parent, is everything we love. We simply love her and she makes every change worth it.


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