I Will (hopefully) Convince You

                     Starting something from nothing can be a difficult task. It starts with an idea or maybe it starts with someone mentioning an idea. That idea grows into action. That action grows into practice and then conquering the skill. Think about that one idea and who influenced you to make it happen. Was it self motivated? Did you cross paths with someone who made that skill into a living? What made you jump into the boat of where you are now?

                  For me, it was a poker game. One of my grandmothers played poker with all her friends a few times a week and she wanted their names burned onto the card holders. She bought me the pen, I did what she wanted, and then I set it aside. Then, a few years later, my mom saw a company that puts local artists' work on the walls of their restaurant to be sold. She sent me 3 blank, wooden canvas. It is interesting that they could have been a regular canvas, but that they were specifically wood. 

                   When you look at my pieces on Facebook or other sources, you might just gaze right over it and keep scrolling. Maybe you see a piece you think anyone could pick up and do. Just like with any other pursuit of a goal, I have worked and practiced this skill for a few years now. Everything takes time to learn and this is something I wanted to learn. Never in a million years would Jordan have thought that I'd be wanting an orbital sander as a gift from Home Depot when we were dating. 

  5 ways that I hope will convince you to inquire:


1. My pieces will start up conversations in your home

                 When people walk into my house, I don't want them to walk away thinking it was the typical house. I want them to see my family and our style. I have noticed that people never ask about the signs and pictures I bought from the store (don't worry I buy them too), but they will ask about something that stands out from the rest. That is why people like antiquing and farmhouse looks because it requires going to an unusual store and buying an unusual object from the past. A house with a jukebox is a lot more interesting to me than a house with a Bose speaker. 

2. Buying in the store doesn't compare to a wood burning

                     Something you don't know is that wood burned pieces have a slight fireplace smell, like after a campfire on a summer night. When you run your fingers across the lettering, you can actually feel an indention when I burned into the wood. The first thing people will want to do is touch the wood burning because the texture feels like the fur of an animal or the smoothness of a leaf. With every stroke of the wood, I am making an indention. No one wants to run their fingers across a sign from the local DIY art store because they all feel the same. Also, anyone can buy the print or copy, but you want the original. 

3. I don't use cheap materials

                               I'm sure some of you have looked at my work and questioned why my pricing is higher. Let me tell you. When you buy a piece from me, you are buying a thicker, well made material versus the thin stuff you find at the store. Sure, they may be cheap, but they will be missing the added character my pieces could bring to your home. The pieces of wood I select are hand picked for their variations in the grain, the flatness of the board and the type of wood for the project. Do you know that most wood things you find at the local DIY art shop are made of thin pine? In comparison, my pieces are usually an inch thick and made of wood like cedar, basswood, poplar or maple. I choose a stain that will complement your request in a piece and what will bring out the grains of the wood.

4. It brings warmth to any space

                           You know those people that have the "model home" look. You walk in and feel like you can't touch anything because it would be out of place. You know what people love to see? They love to see parts of a home that make them feel welcome. Not just welcomed, but welcome to the point of wanting to come over again and again. You build relationships with people by inviting them into your home. The warmth could be the pictures of your last family vacation or maybe they are the artworks of your child from Mother's Day. In this case, warmth could be the exact quote or verse your grandmother use to recite or the song lyrics from your wedding day. Wood alone brings the outside parts of nature into the inside where life happens.

5. You have to see the faces of those who have gotten a piece 

                         I don't always have the privilege of seeing people's reactions to my pieces, but it makes my day! I never know what they are going to say or how they will respond, but it has always been the best part of doing art for others. Not only do I get to see the faces of those that buy from me, but then you get the added joy of seeing the face of the one you are giving the piece to. They are surprised and thankful for the thought and time you put into the gift. On a recent poll I did, most people look for gifts one to two weeks before an event happens. I know, life is busy, but the recipients know when you checked a box off your list of many things to do.


                          I know this isn't the typical post, but it has been something I have rolling around in my head for a while. People don't achieve goals by sitting on the sidelines. My goal from the beginning of this wood burning art was to make people see my heart through every stroke of my heated pen. Summer is halfway over and life with school will begin soon. That means the chaos of checking off boxes will quickly come to pass. Don't miss out on taking the time to bring a smile to someone's face. All it takes is asking a question