4 Months with Addilyn and Christmas Decisions

                        Addilyn has been brightening up the faces of everyone who sees her. She is sneaking smiles and now anticipating the times we are about to tickle her. The empty room is now a playroom and eventually will be something else. The one thing I wanted for her for Christmas was a walker. She definitely isn't big enough to move it, but she moves it slightly backwards without realizing it. Once she figures that out, we might be in for trouble. Her days are more active now and she is constantly wanting to be moving and entertained. The book reading is constant throughout the day and she is now playing on her play mat. Her most frustrating time of the day is tummy time, but we try to distract her during that time so that she tries to hold her head up longer. 

                         We made the decision to stay here for Christmas and we couldn't be happier with that decision. You see, Christmas has always had a great place in my memories when all the families would gather together and put aside differences for one day of the year. When divorce happens or people get married, families change and traditions have to change. I was thankful that everyone understood how important it was to me to have our first Christmas in our home, with our little one. I have never been the type to inconvenience anyone, but I wanted to do what was best for my family. 

                       The week before Christmas, we were able to have my mom and grandparents come into town just in time to make sugar cookies, cake mix cookies and no bake cookies (or in my family they are called "do-do balls"). We loaded up the pantry with food and sugar treats. Not only that, but went back to the store several times to add more ingredients. We had designated "Christmas day" and we all woke up to coffee, Christmas songs and opened presents after breakfast. Addilyn was rolled around in the walker around the house with all smiles. Jordan's family came right after mine and we repeated the fun with homemade cinnamon rolls and peanut butter balls. 

                    What I loved about this Christmas was that it was simple. Once family left, we had our own sweet Christmas morning. For the last 4 years, Jordan and I have gone to 4 different places to experience Christmas. I realized that it is convenient for everyone else for us to go to them, but now we have to think of what's best for our little one. So, we got up in our own home, at our own pace and started Christmas. We replaced the waking up at 7:00 to waking up at 8:30, the Christmas attire with pajamas, the sausage balls with egg sandwiches and the tons of gifts to a select few. The hardest part was telling my family that we had to start our own traditions. It was just simple and sweet. 

                         The reason for us putting our foot down may have been influenced by others' stories. After speaking with a friend, they informed me that she had been married for 13 years and had never had Christmas in their own home. They also shipped presents to grandparents weeks ahead of time. That isn't what I wanted in the long run. I also didn't want a million gifts for Addilyn. After all, it wasn't about gifts. It was about Jesus. You honestly can't control the focus of Christmas if it isn't in your home. While family was here, we read the Christmas story, prayed and I sang Christmas songs centered on Jesus as Addilyn went to sleep each night. Though gifts are fun to give and everyone looks forward to them, it all ultimately comes down to Jesus.