Addilyn is 6 months and she needs to SLOW DOWN

The plaid dress is at 5 months and I couldn't decide on the white dress or Valentine's day outfit for six months. 

              These pictures just show the joy in this little healthy butterball of cuteness. I cannot believe that this baby was born at 5' lbs 12 oz! She has made up for lost time thankfully and is developing her personality. We now have toys in every room and she is starting to learn to play. She is at the stage of dropping toys on the ground, just to hear them drop. She has her mama doing squats all day and smiling when I hand them back to her. Where as Addilyn used to be content sitting in our laps and snuggling all day, she is now wanting to move around and grab everything within reach (including my hair, ouch!). Sounds catch her attention more than ever and her favorite include the sound of crinkling paper and squeaking. Honestly, the best time in the last two months has been hearing her start to giggle and find things funny (like Jordan hopping up and down when she is in her jumper). I have the feeling that she is going to be a vocal girl with how many sounds she makes and the pitches she explores. She has some lungs on her and she isn't afraid to use them at bedtime and when she is sleepy. The time she feels the most safe is when she is within eyesight of someone. This little sweetie catches the attention of everyone as soon as she enters the room and we are just extensions of her. Ha! Did I mention that she is saying "mama" and starting to eat baby food?

                Something that repeatedly comes to my attention is the importance of how we use our time. She has now lived her little life on this earth for a half of a year and I feel like she was born yesterday. How have I spent my time? Holding her, changing her, bathing her, reading to her, and making silly faces to make her smile. Walking into our home, you will probably see toys on the counters, dishes in the sink and dried spit up on the floor. It isn't perfect, but there is so much love here. My goal is to spend 80% of our day investing in her, and the last 20% can be put towards "adulting." I have had people tell me that I must keep my home clean so that people don't talk about me when they leave. Honestly, it doesn't matter to me. What does matter is that I show Jesus to my daughter by giving her my time and show Jesus to my husband by not nagging him about the house. You might see books on the couch where I read to her, plates where I made Jordan breakfast, and my hair ties everywhere because I need to put my hair up to avoid grabbing fingers. It isn't dirty, but it isn't spotless. Life is too short. 

                   I have also made it a priority to read scripture everyday. I have blamed not reading because of exhaustion from the long nights, and now it is very important to give God a minute. There is an app I downloaded called "Read Scripture" which has you read three chapters in Biblical order a day, and then a Psalm as a prayer. I am just in Genesis right now, but I am making my way right through. With the crazy flu season, I have had some online church Sundays, but I simply want to protect her. Never have I known a worry than what I have as a mama. It's hard to leave her with anyone because I don't have my eyes on her. I guess that is where trusting God and relieving control, comes into play. 

                  I will definitely have to keep my eyes on her soon because she is starting to roll to her stomach, stretch out her legs and push herself slightly backwards. Also, she can push her walker backwards without realizing it. The best part is all of this being done without her knowledge, but man! This baby is going to be crawling before we know it. That will mean more sweeping, more Swiffering and vacuuming, but she is worth it. I can't believe that she is growing up so fast! Now I have a question for you. How do you maintain the balance of cleaning house and spending time with your kids?