Wedding Vendor Highlight- J. Ladson Weddings

“I am so happy to get in contact with Jade! I encourage you to peek at her site because you learn so much about her passion for weddings and people! “


Full name: Jade Ladson

Email address:

Location: Duluth GA

Company website link::

Wedding Planning Company Name: J Ladson Weddings

Instagram account link:: Jladsonweddings

What do you look for in a vendor?: Passionate, professional, Customer Service Oriented

What is something you want me to know about your business?: I absolutely love weddings and events. I have owned the company for 14 years and I cry at every wedding :-)

Fun Facts right from Jade’s Site:

Trademark Party Elements: candles, candles, and more candles

Abiding Belief: The Best Therapy is Beach Therapy

Favorite Color: Jade Green or and other shade of green

Favorite Things: My Fuzzy Socks and My Pink Fuzzy Robe

Comfort Food: Crab Legs and BBQ (not together though lol)

Leisure Activities: Convo and Cocktails with my BFF or long bubble baths


Atlanta Wedding Planner Highlight | A Classy Occasion

Ashlie Muller is a wedding planner right in Atlanta! I loved hearing her side of being a wedding planner. Check her out at A Classy Occasion and on Instagram!

                                                                                                                -Amanda Stores


What do you look for in a vendor?: First, their personality and who they are. Instagram Stories and blogs are great places to really learn who a vendor is, their personal life and what they stand for. I like to know that I can relate in some way and have something to chat about with that person. Second, their talent. I'm always scouring, again Instagram, but also the portfolio sections on vendors' websites. I look for what their work looks like, the style and the attention to detail. These things are important to me, when I think of working with, collaborating and referring other vendors to my clients.

Christopher Brock Photography

What is the most important character trait in a vendor, in your opinion?: The ability to stay calm under pressure. Wedding days are filled with all kinds of emotions, time constraints, many things to do and sometimes family drama. It's highly important for a vendor to stay calm under pressure in any and all circumstances on wedding day. If not, the bride, family, guests and pretty much anyone will be able to tell something is up and then they will feel it too. It's our job, as vendors, to be calm, fix problems fast and discreetly. When we show that we are calm, it will ease the stress from our bride and her family; which will allow them to enjoy the day much more! Also, I will have to say vendors who are organized and prepared are also great traits to have. I like to be over prepared and I can't work without being organized!

What is something you want me to know about your business?: A Classy Occasion is a plans classic, beautiful and joyful weddings for couples who believe that true love never fails and that love can last a life time.

Laura Watson Photography

What ceremony stands out in your head over all the rest? Why specifically?: Ceremony... I'm not sure, but I do distinctly remember a couple that I had that were doing a First Look photo. It was the most beautiful thing and something I will always remember. It was on the front porch of the venue. The groom had his back to the door and as the bride walked out the front door, the groom turned around to see his bride for the very first time. His reaction was priceless. He broke down in tears and was speechless. No words were spoken in that moment. Just by watching the scene unfold, in front of me, I just knew that the groom was completely in love with his bride. I actually don't cry that much at weddings, but this moment I felt the tears coming. I will forever remember that moment.

What is the one thing you do to prepare for someone's big day?: Months and weeks leading up to the wedding day, I put together a timeline, ceremony plan and details for the day. I ask every question imaginable, get every vendor's contact info, and review the timeline and details thoroughly. I also make sure my classy wedding day emergency case is packed with any item or gadget I may possibly need and review my details again. By rehearsal day, the day before the wedding day, everything is in place, but there's always last minute changes, so I go back to delete and add to my details and timeline. Once the wedding day approaches, I make sure I eat a big meal, because it can be a long few hours before I can eat again and I need a full tank of energy for the day. Then once I'm at the venue, it's full speed a


What is the the one guilty pleasure you have (when you actually have a weekend off)?: I enjoy spending time with my hubby. We like to go to the movies, browse around at Homegoods and sometimes go to Atlanta and do something fun for the day! I also enjoy reading a good book, dreaming and playing with my German Shepherd girl!

What would you want a bride to remember on that day, above all else?: I want her to remember the memories and the happy moments that she shared with her most favorite people. I want her to look back, years from now and remember how it was one of her BEST days ever and how much joy she had that day!

What do you carry in your purse for those surprise wedding day moments?: I carry a really big wedding day emergency case with me on wedding days. It has anything you could possibly think of, in case something is needed or goes wrong. The one thing that may come as a surprise would have to be the big industrial sized clips; which has come in handy when the train of a wedding dress won't cooperate. It really works!

Who inspires you in the wedding industry and what stands out about them?: Rhiannon Bosse of Rhiannon Bosse Celebrations. If you look at her Instagram account, she has the most gorgeous pictures of her weddings, including her styled table settings and invitations. She is truly a talented business woman. I have followed her for a long several years and always enjoy what she creates. It's very inspiring and helpful in my pursuit of fine tuning my creativity and business. Not only that, but she balances a very successful business with being a wife and mom. I'm already a wife, but I hope to be a mom someday and I want to to balance it all very well and still have time to enjoy life!

Instagram page of the one who inspires you in the wedding

Take a guess on the traditional 5th anniversary gift....WOOD

When I first began this journey of wood burning, I continually had customers coming to me for an anniversary gift. Not just an anniversary gift, but the 5th anniversary. I had NO IDEA that wooden gifts were even a thing for the 5th anniversary.

Wood burned and painted bouquet by Amanda Stores

Wood burned and painted bouquet by Amanda Stores

I started researching a bit and found that wood is the traditional gift for this particular anniversary. It symbolizes a durable and long-lasting, solidified relationship.

I read about how some people buy a wooden frame and put their wedding picture in it. Some people get a wooden clock, wooden music box, a wooden canister, a wooden jewelry holder and even a wooden phone station. Something I found interesting was the fact that people try to bring wood into the gift while also highlighting some aspect of the wedding day. 


I don't know about you, but none of these things appealed to me because they lacked the sentimentality of an anniversary.... to reflect on the day when they promised their lives to the other.

That is when I started trying to think of what I would want for a wooden gift. I would want something I could look at and it brings a smile to my face.... wooden art!

So, maybe this is more of chick gift, but guys have to think of what their wives would want. I can tell you that it is NOT a wooden clock. They want something that brought beauty to every picture on their wedding day.        They (and I) would want wooden art with something to do with the               wedding. 


Let me tell you why one of my wood burnings would truly make any bride feel like they were reliving their wedding. 

1. I wood burn and paint custom wedding bouquets

2. All I need is a clear picture to go off of

3. You are are giving her flowers that will last far beyond that five-year mark

4. You will be giving the most thoughtful gift that is both wooden AND a reminder of when you got married. 


So, I say get on it! The 5th year anniversary gift is a biggie and you want to make your bride feel like she did on the day she said "I do" to you. If you are the bride, you might want to pin this and leave it conveniently on the counter  ;)



The biggest mistake every artist makes

Wood Burning Workspace- Amanda Stores Art

Wood Burning Workspace- Amanda Stores Art

When I started off wood burning, I realized that I had no other artists that were making pieces as big as I was or making them with the materials I was using. I learned how to use power tools, how to put boards together, how to sand them down and how to burn something onto them. I went to several different sites and everyone was pricing their wood-burned pieces way too low.

For instance, a wooden slice from Hobby Lobby is usually about $12. There were people on Etsy selling their wood burning for $20! Knowing how long it takes to wood burn and the cost made me realize that they were doing their art for $4.50 an hour. 

If you underprice your art, you undersell its value. 

After being on Etsy and selling nothing in the first few months, I figured out I needed to stick with my website. These pieces cannot be done for $4.50. Instead, I chose to price them higher and to price them with the cost of materials and time put into them. 

The key to pricing my art started when I stopped looking at the other artists and what they were selling their work for. I found something unique, and I needed to price it differently.

I came up with an equation that helped me when I first began:


Cost of Materials + (How much you want to make per hour x the hours to make the art) + shipping = the price for your art piece. 

Later on, I started pricing my pieces differently:

Cost of Materials + the price amount for a certain sized piece + shipping = the price for your art piece.

So there was a shift from hourly to the size of the piece. I also realized that my mentality towards art was different. I asked an "art business" group if they continued to make pieces even if the others hadn't sold yet. I got the "laughing" emoji and they basically said that they couldn't stop making art if they wanted to and that it was in their soul. 

That made me feel pretty lousy because I look at art differently. I don't look at art as something that is in my soul, I look at it as something I enjoy doing and something that could earn extra income for living expenses. I mean, I have a one-year-old that wants to go to college one day. Ha!

I guess it comes down to your "why." If your "why" for doing art is to do it for enjoyment and simply because it's a part of you, then you can open an Etsy shop and sell your pieces for a lower price. If your intention is to do what you love and make an income from it, then make your own website and sell your art according to what it is worth. 


Atlanta Wedding Planner Highlight | Detailed I Dos

I love seeing the elegance throughout the posts of Detailed I Dos! I love the way the highlight the touches of personal details such as calligraphy, bouquets, wedding shoes and invitations. It truly does come down the details. Take a peek at what they're up to.

                                                                                                                                                                               -Amanda Stores

Danielle Cartwright- Detailed I Dos

Danielle Cartwright- Detailed I Dos


What do you look for in a vendor?: We love partnering with vendors who approach their work with a positive above-and-beyond attitude! We love vendors who are open to communication throughout the wedding planning process and who look at our partnership as a collaborative effort.

Danielle Cartwright Favorites-0072.jpg

What is the most important character trait in a vendor, in your opinion?: cooperation

What is something you want me to know about your business?: We are known for thinking outside of the box! Our clients may come to us with Pinterest images that inspire them but we love putting a big spin on that to create something completely unique for their big day! Often times that may mean our mood boards include descriptions instead of images because it's never been done before! We are so appreciative of the trust and faith our clients put in our team.

What ceremony stands out in your head over all the rest? Why specifically?: We just had a gorgeous wedding in July and for the ceremony, they incorporated a sweet Cherokee blanket tradition. The best man and maid of honor wrapped the couple in a white blanket, the blanket signifies the couple's dedication to filling their lives with peace and happiness. It was the first time we had seen that done and loved it!

What is the one thing you do to prepare for someone's big day?: It's hard to pick just one on top of the normal things we do like putting together the wedding weekend timeline, shot list for the photographer, diagrams of the layout etc. But the week of the wedding I spend some time styling their invitation suite with props and then take photos of the layout I love best to capture with the photographer on the day of the event. We are also careful to restock our emergency kits, as well as have a team meeting either in person or over the phone to go through our setup plan and the details of the day.

What is the one guilty pleasure you have (when you actually have a weekend off)?: I love going to the pool with my in-laws during the summer, golfing with my husband or baking!

What would you want a bride to remember on that day, above all else?: All the special moments!

What do you carry in your purse for those surprise wedding day moments?: Our emergency kits are stocked but the most popular items we are asked for are band-aids, safety pins, stain remover, sewing kits & snacks!

Who inspires you in the wedding industry and what stands out about them?: Jose Villa's work really inspires me. His use of light, as well as the way he captures special moments, gets me every time! I have also learned so much about styling through his work.

Instagram page of the one who inspires you in the wedding world.: @josevilla

Detailed I Dos (2).jpg

Atlanta Florist Highlight | Gold and Bloom

Jenna's taste in textured bouquets really makes her arrangements unique. I pull inspiration for her Instagram feed on the time! In fact, many of my new, wood burned paper prints are right from her flower arrangements. Take a peek at all her talent on Gold and Bloom or Instagram.

                                                                                         -Amanda Stores 

Jenna Griffin- Owner of Gold and Bloom of Atlanta

Jenna Griffin- Owner of Gold and Bloom of Atlanta


What do you like to do on Sunday afternoons?: 

Sundays are for church, rest, and spending time with family. After church, my husband and I will explore our Marietta town with our one year old son. Ice cream and coffee (for me!) are usually always involved!

Tell me about your style of flower arrangements:

My bouquets and floral arrangements are artistic, natural, and garden style. I use a variety of different flower types with touches of greenery to bring in plenty of texture to each piece.

What wedding or event stands out to you in your mind? Why?

 A recent wedding in north Georgia stands out to me not because of the florals, although they were beautiful. It is because of the people who I designed for. They were incredibly kind, thoughtful, gracious, and so excited about the flowers! The mother of the bride called me the day after the wedding and cried to me as she described how every floral piece was perfect, and the bride emailed me from her honeymoon to thank me. I was blown away and had no words. Their kindness meant so much to me!

What is your favorite memory from this last week?

On Sunday we went over to my in laws' house for a pool party and a "red neck" slip and slide (50 foot tarp covered in soap!). It was so funny when my husband took our 1 year old down the slip and slide. He loved it and smiled the whole time!

What has been the hardest part about being a florist?

The hardest part about being a floral designer is setting boundaries and sticking to them! I'm a work from home mama, so my work is always with me. This can be tempting late at night when I see my laptop across the room. Part of me wants to go and check my email and catch up on work, but when I started this journey I set the boundary of not working at night. The evening is for family and rest, and I need to keep that in place. Another hard part is taxes and just staying organized!

If you were talking directly to a bride, what is the first thing you would say?

I always ask about the relationship and how she met her groom. I want to know the whole story!


    Gold and Bloom.jpg

    Atlanta Day of Wedding Planner Highlight | Just About Love Weddings

    Lauren Perez is the founder of   "Just About Love Weddings "

    Lauren Perez is the founder of "Just About Love Weddings "

    Just About Love_ Lauren Perez.jpg

    Part of being an artist, is getting the privilege to meet people within the same field. I might not be a wedding planner, but I am starting to know a few! I met Lauren at a mini bridal expo about a month ago. She gave me the scoop on what she does as a wedding coordinator.

    Brides are stressed to the max just before the wedding. I remember keeping a running list in my head at first, and then just delegating everything to my family (maybe I needed Lauren to show up 3 months before my wedding).

    What I loved specifically about what Lauren does is that she lets the bride plan the main aspects of the wedding and she shows up like a white knight to make all those plans come to life. Her favorite wedding was where the bride and groom sang a unique song to one another for their vows. 

    "It was like they were the only two people in the room," Lauren said.



    The night before weddings, you might find Lauren packing her bag of essentials. Don't be surprised if she has a steamer, bobby pins, band-aids and strap tape. Not only that, but the one thing she reminds the bride of is simply how beautiful she is on her wedding day. 

    "I want her to remember the dancing and impromptu photos taken with special friends and family," Lauren said.

    When she isn't slammed by a wedding weekend, she just likes to spend time with her twin girls and husband. That might include going to Atlanta United games, movies or getting their nails done. That is something to love about Lauren. She values her family and has that balance between work and home. 

    I asked her who her favorite wedding vendor was, and she said, 

    "My wedding vendor inspiration is Jessica Dum of Jessica Dum Weddings. She is an exclusive, day-of coordinator with an awesome team, and great home and work balance. I love all her blogs and posts she sends out. I thrive to have a company in Atlanta  like  hers, in the years to come. "

    Venue/Cake/Catering: Cherokee Country Club  Planner: Just About Love, Lauren Perez and Cathy Jones  Photographer: Holly Jones  Florist: Julie  Sandman

    Venue/Cake/Catering: Cherokee Country Club

    Planner: Just About Love, Lauren Perez and Cathy Jones

    Photographer: Holly Jones

    Florist: Julie  Sandman

    I am so excited to have met Lauren! I'm sure she wouldn't mind you taking a peek at Just About Love Weddings or say hello @justaboutloveweddings .