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Jenna's taste in textured bouquets really makes her arrangements unique. I pull inspiration for her Instagram feed on the time! In fact, many of my new, wood burned paper prints are right from her flower arrangements. Take a peek at all her talent on Gold and Bloom or Instagram.

                                                                                         -Amanda Stores 

Jenna Griffin- Owner of Gold and Bloom of Atlanta

Jenna Griffin- Owner of Gold and Bloom of Atlanta


What do you like to do on Sunday afternoons?: 

Sundays are for church, rest, and spending time with family. After church, my husband and I will explore our Marietta town with our one year old son. Ice cream and coffee (for me!) are usually always involved!

Tell me about your style of flower arrangements:

My bouquets and floral arrangements are artistic, natural, and garden style. I use a variety of different flower types with touches of greenery to bring in plenty of texture to each piece.

What wedding or event stands out to you in your mind? Why?

 A recent wedding in north Georgia stands out to me not because of the florals, although they were beautiful. It is because of the people who I designed for. They were incredibly kind, thoughtful, gracious, and so excited about the flowers! The mother of the bride called me the day after the wedding and cried to me as she described how every floral piece was perfect, and the bride emailed me from her honeymoon to thank me. I was blown away and had no words. Their kindness meant so much to me!

What is your favorite memory from this last week?

On Sunday we went over to my in laws' house for a pool party and a "red neck" slip and slide (50 foot tarp covered in soap!). It was so funny when my husband took our 1 year old down the slip and slide. He loved it and smiled the whole time!

What has been the hardest part about being a florist?

The hardest part about being a floral designer is setting boundaries and sticking to them! I'm a work from home mama, so my work is always with me. This can be tempting late at night when I see my laptop across the room. Part of me wants to go and check my email and catch up on work, but when I started this journey I set the boundary of not working at night. The evening is for family and rest, and I need to keep that in place. Another hard part is taxes and just staying organized!

If you were talking directly to a bride, what is the first thing you would say?

I always ask about the relationship and how she met her groom. I want to know the whole story!


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