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Ashlie Muller is a wedding planner right in Atlanta! I loved hearing her side of being a wedding planner. Check her out at A Classy Occasion and on Instagram!

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What do you look for in a vendor?: First, their personality and who they are. Instagram Stories and blogs are great places to really learn who a vendor is, their personal life and what they stand for. I like to know that I can relate in some way and have something to chat about with that person. Second, their talent. I'm always scouring, again Instagram, but also the portfolio sections on vendors' websites. I look for what their work looks like, the style and the attention to detail. These things are important to me, when I think of working with, collaborating and referring other vendors to my clients.

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What is the most important character trait in a vendor, in your opinion?: The ability to stay calm under pressure. Wedding days are filled with all kinds of emotions, time constraints, many things to do and sometimes family drama. It's highly important for a vendor to stay calm under pressure in any and all circumstances on wedding day. If not, the bride, family, guests and pretty much anyone will be able to tell something is up and then they will feel it too. It's our job, as vendors, to be calm, fix problems fast and discreetly. When we show that we are calm, it will ease the stress from our bride and her family; which will allow them to enjoy the day much more! Also, I will have to say vendors who are organized and prepared are also great traits to have. I like to be over prepared and I can't work without being organized!

What is something you want me to know about your business?: A Classy Occasion is a plans classic, beautiful and joyful weddings for couples who believe that true love never fails and that love can last a life time.

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What ceremony stands out in your head over all the rest? Why specifically?: Ceremony... I'm not sure, but I do distinctly remember a couple that I had that were doing a First Look photo. It was the most beautiful thing and something I will always remember. It was on the front porch of the venue. The groom had his back to the door and as the bride walked out the front door, the groom turned around to see his bride for the very first time. His reaction was priceless. He broke down in tears and was speechless. No words were spoken in that moment. Just by watching the scene unfold, in front of me, I just knew that the groom was completely in love with his bride. I actually don't cry that much at weddings, but this moment I felt the tears coming. I will forever remember that moment.

What is the one thing you do to prepare for someone's big day?: Months and weeks leading up to the wedding day, I put together a timeline, ceremony plan and details for the day. I ask every question imaginable, get every vendor's contact info, and review the timeline and details thoroughly. I also make sure my classy wedding day emergency case is packed with any item or gadget I may possibly need and review my details again. By rehearsal day, the day before the wedding day, everything is in place, but there's always last minute changes, so I go back to delete and add to my details and timeline. Once the wedding day approaches, I make sure I eat a big meal, because it can be a long few hours before I can eat again and I need a full tank of energy for the day. Then once I'm at the venue, it's full speed a


What is the the one guilty pleasure you have (when you actually have a weekend off)?: I enjoy spending time with my hubby. We like to go to the movies, browse around at Homegoods and sometimes go to Atlanta and do something fun for the day! I also enjoy reading a good book, dreaming and playing with my German Shepherd girl!

What would you want a bride to remember on that day, above all else?: I want her to remember the memories and the happy moments that she shared with her most favorite people. I want her to look back, years from now and remember how it was one of her BEST days ever and how much joy she had that day!

What do you carry in your purse for those surprise wedding day moments?: I carry a really big wedding day emergency case with me on wedding days. It has anything you could possibly think of, in case something is needed or goes wrong. The one thing that may come as a surprise would have to be the big industrial sized clips; which has come in handy when the train of a wedding dress won't cooperate. It really works!

Who inspires you in the wedding industry and what stands out about them?: Rhiannon Bosse of Rhiannon Bosse Celebrations. If you look at her Instagram account, she has the most gorgeous pictures of her weddings, including her styled table settings and invitations. She is truly a talented business woman. I have followed her for a long several years and always enjoy what she creates. It's very inspiring and helpful in my pursuit of fine tuning my creativity and business. Not only that, but she balances a very successful business with being a wife and mom. I'm already a wife, but I hope to be a mom someday and I want to to balance it all very well and still have time to enjoy life!

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