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I love seeing the elegance throughout the posts of Detailed I Dos! I love the way the highlight the touches of personal details such as calligraphy, bouquets, wedding shoes and invitations. It truly does come down the details. Take a peek at what they're up to.

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Danielle Cartwright- Detailed I Dos

Danielle Cartwright- Detailed I Dos


What do you look for in a vendor?: We love partnering with vendors who approach their work with a positive above-and-beyond attitude! We love vendors who are open to communication throughout the wedding planning process and who look at our partnership as a collaborative effort.

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What is the most important character trait in a vendor, in your opinion?: cooperation

What is something you want me to know about your business?: We are known for thinking outside of the box! Our clients may come to us with Pinterest images that inspire them but we love putting a big spin on that to create something completely unique for their big day! Often times that may mean our mood boards include descriptions instead of images because it's never been done before! We are so appreciative of the trust and faith our clients put in our team.

What ceremony stands out in your head over all the rest? Why specifically?: We just had a gorgeous wedding in July and for the ceremony, they incorporated a sweet Cherokee blanket tradition. The best man and maid of honor wrapped the couple in a white blanket, the blanket signifies the couple's dedication to filling their lives with peace and happiness. It was the first time we had seen that done and loved it!

What is the one thing you do to prepare for someone's big day?: It's hard to pick just one on top of the normal things we do like putting together the wedding weekend timeline, shot list for the photographer, diagrams of the layout etc. But the week of the wedding I spend some time styling their invitation suite with props and then take photos of the layout I love best to capture with the photographer on the day of the event. We are also careful to restock our emergency kits, as well as have a team meeting either in person or over the phone to go through our setup plan and the details of the day.

What is the one guilty pleasure you have (when you actually have a weekend off)?: I love going to the pool with my in-laws during the summer, golfing with my husband or baking!

What would you want a bride to remember on that day, above all else?: All the special moments!

What do you carry in your purse for those surprise wedding day moments?: Our emergency kits are stocked but the most popular items we are asked for are band-aids, safety pins, stain remover, sewing kits & snacks!

Who inspires you in the wedding industry and what stands out about them?: Jose Villa's work really inspires me. His use of light, as well as the way he captures special moments, gets me every time! I have also learned so much about styling through his work.

Instagram page of the one who inspires you in the wedding world.: @josevilla

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