Wedding Vendor Highlight- J. Ladson Weddings

“I am so happy to get in contact with Jade! I encourage you to peek at her site because you learn so much about her passion for weddings and people! “


Full name: Jade Ladson

Email address:

Location: Duluth GA

Company website link::

Wedding Planning Company Name: J Ladson Weddings

Instagram account link:: Jladsonweddings

What do you look for in a vendor?: Passionate, professional, Customer Service Oriented

What is something you want me to know about your business?: I absolutely love weddings and events. I have owned the company for 14 years and I cry at every wedding :-)

Fun Facts right from Jade’s Site:

Trademark Party Elements: candles, candles, and more candles

Abiding Belief: The Best Therapy is Beach Therapy

Favorite Color: Jade Green or and other shade of green

Favorite Things: My Fuzzy Socks and My Pink Fuzzy Robe

Comfort Food: Crab Legs and BBQ (not together though lol)

Leisure Activities: Convo and Cocktails with my BFF or long bubble baths